Friday, October 21, 2022

Minimal Pairs Again -- Finally -- Part 2

You would think that "a CUP of MUSTARD" would be the easiest vowel to produce in English.  And yet, it is so close to OLIVE SOCK that the two are often confused.  PURPLE SHIRT is also close in pronunciation, though the addition of an "r" makes it a little easier to distinguish.The Color Vowel Chart, Anchor Images & System were created by Karen Taylor and Shirley Thompson in 1999.  Learn More at

Did Ron run?
Did Fawn have fun?
Did the pawn make a pun?
Is the dawn now all done?
He sung the song well,
But rung the wrong bell.
Then shucked the hard shell
And struck a strong smell.
I paid big bucks for the box.
With luck you'll open its' locks.
And stuck in a slurry of stocks
Find the sumptuous gold from Fort Knox.
You follow the furrow
Then borrow the burrow.
Clean dirt from the dart
And the hurt from your heart.
Then jog with the jug
And drink grog from the mug.
I wonder as I wander,
What color is that collar?
The scarf is really scuffed!
It's duller than this dollar!
Poppy bought the puppy.
While Gerda got a guppy.
The bug lived in the bog.
In the dugout with the dog.

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