Friday, October 21, 2022

Minimal Pairs Again -- Finally -- Part 1

I've finally started work again on minimal pair poems.

For Spanish speakers, the SILVER PIN vowel is the most difficult, especially compared with the GREEN TEA pronunciation.  The contrast with RED PEPPER can also be tricky.  Here's the poem so far.

Felix fell fifty feet down the hill and past the street.
The field was filled with winter wheat.
He grinned and leaped the ditch and said,
"At least this is better than being dead."
Green Grendel grins and grits his teeth.
He greets the tree and h[i]des beneath.
I begged Bill Beal to bid on the bell.
I willed widow Williams to wed by the well.
Minnie the meany just missed with her mit
When Pete pitched the peach or maybe the pit.
Nick has a unique neck.
Rick reeks; he's a total wreck.
Dina dips a silly mink
In the stinky, steely sink.
I'll leave the last list for Lina
And ten techy teens, along with Tina.
Phil feared the filling feast and said, "I found a snack. It fits."
Izzy and Ezra took it easy, eating the grilled and greasy grits.
The chick checked the cheap, cheesy chip
But chose the pickles and pink pretzel dip.

The Color Vowel Chart, Anchor Images & System were created by Karen Taylor and Shirley Thompson in 1999.  Learn More at

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