Thursday, January 13, 2022

What Was the Question?

 The "Color Vowel Basics One" class has already paid off in terms of teaching my current students more effectively.

One of the class requirments is reading the book "Teaching Pronunciation Using the Prosody Pyramid" by Judy B. Gilbert".  This book suggested a listening exercise in which the teacher reads an answer. Then, based on the intonation and word stress, the students choose an appropriate question.  

Of course I created this as a game. Take a look at it.  

Since my most advanced student has just asked for more help on English intonation, having this all ready to go is a bit of serendipity!

So far I've found my students don't do nearly as well at this game as I thought they would.  They have been using the color vowel system to hear and replicate the syllable stress in a single word successfully, or even in a short line of a poem or chant.  However, our practice sessions have not been enough for them to hear the stress in a sentence or group of sentences.

I need to give them more, more, much more!

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