Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Finally Completing the Second Half of Class

Since the Color Vowel® Basics One course can be taken in two parts to save on both time and money, I took the Part I last summer immediately when I first discovered it.  It's name, "FAST", is very appopriate because you can do it totally online in however many hours it takes you to watch the videos, read the downloaded material and complete the quizzes.  If you dedicate all your waking hours to study you can finish over a couple of long weekends.

The second half, which includes in-person-online classes, has been more difficult to schedule.  I finally got it launched yesterday morning.  This is the more "fun" half because it includes hands-on projects, instructor input and class discussions.  For me, an added benefit is that the projects involve recording videos, something I haven't been able to do very successfully and need a lot more expertise on.  After numerous tries I got the first one created and submitted last evening.

I'm sure I'll be posting more about the class as it progresses.

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