Friday, May 12, 2023

Screen Grab

No, I'm not posting one, here.

Instead, here's the definition from Oxford Language as found on Google:

screen grab
a frame of television or video footage that is digitized and stored as a still image for subsequent display, editing, or printing.
"a screen grab from Wednesday's episode"
take a screen grab of
"the rap star screen-grabbed almost a dozen tweets from fans"

This is a new term in English which I just saw and will make good use of.  It fills a need and, as a bonus, is colorful!

You could use the more standard, technical phrase "screen capture" or "screen shot" but that doesn't quite get across the immediacy of the action.

I saw the term in a story about a YouTuber who purposely crashed his plane to get more views, thereby breaking all sorts of FAA regulations.  Now, what sort of expression can we invent to describe that action?

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