Monday, May 15, 2023

Liminal Space

According to, 

" has put out a list of new additions, including, antifragile, liminal space, petfluencer and digital nomad."

I especially like "liminal space".  It's perfect for describing my life right now.

Here's's definition --

liminal space  [ lim-uh-nl speys ]  
noun  a state or place characterized by being transitional or intermediate in some way:
Motels are such liminal spaces—everyone there is either coming or going.
In the film, Venice is a liminal space where the real and imaginary meet.
Informal. any location that is unsettling, uncanny, or dreamlike:
The classroom when school is out for the summer is a liminal space. 

 At present, I am between homes.  My house has sold.  Tomorrow is the real estate closing on the new townhouse I've bought.  My furniture and possessions are in boxes or in disarray.  My teaching materials for this, last week of the semester are all in my car so they won't get lost. I am living in liminal space.

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