Friday, March 31, 2023

In Search of a Unique Item or Product

 Unique to the United States, that is. And, here, it must be ubiquitous (love that word).

I need to teach my students a term which will spring into their mind when they see it and switch their brain to English. For me, my filet will switch me into French when I check out at the supermarket. The clerk may call it a bring-your-own-bag bag. You might call it a string bag. But to me it will always be a filet. I never saw one until I went to France. 

It's too bad McDonalds is now found all over the world. Everyone knows "hamburger", even though pronunciation may be modified slightly. If I were teaching in New York, the hot dog might work because there are street vendors throughout Manhattan selling them to tourists (and locals, of course).

Any ideas? What invention or fad have people gone crazy over that has not yet spread to the rest of the world via social media?

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