Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Onomatopoeia -- Finally, a poem

 I started this project back on January 22 based on Kathy Steinemann's List. Today it finally "jelled".


GREEN TEA – peep, beep, cheep

SILVER PIN – ping, ding, ca-ching

GRAY DAY – bay, bray, neigh

RED PEPPER – belch, bellow, squelch

BLACK CAT – bang, blat, clang

OLIVE SOCK – bong, bonk, gong

AUBURN DOG – honk, squawk, zonk

TURQUOISE TOY – boink, boing, doink

ORANGE DOOR – snore, snort, roar

ROSE BOAT – drone, crow, moan

WOODEN HOOK – poof, ploof, woof

BLUE MOON – coo, moo, achoo

A CUP OF MUSTARD – klunk, crunch, kerplunk

PURPLE SHIRT – burp, burble, chirp

BROWN COW – growl, meow, howl

WH[I]TE T[I]E – ch[i]me, gr[i]nd, wh[i]ne


Have fun with the sounds from zinggg to aaack

And praatice the colors to keep you on track.

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