Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Modal Poems

 I finally managed to write some poems around "Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda" and a couple of other modal verbs.  They're on a page with many kinds of Reductions.  They're in the form of dialogs.  When you read them don't say the people's names (in italics).

Here they are:

Bob: Didja gotatha store?

John: No, but I woulda.

Bob: How come? Why not?

John: It rained.

Bob: Well, ya coulda!
And we’re all outta milk.
So really, you shoulda.

Andy: I hafta go.

Judy: Too bad. Ya gotta?

Andy: My cat needs her dinner.
So, truly, -- I oughtta.

Sarah: She mighta said something 'bouta meeting!.

Louise: I thought you were taking notes!

Sarah: I musta missed some dates and stuff.
I only wrote down quotes.

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