Monday, January 23, 2023

Finally an Index!

Back in 2021 I started posting my poems in a Google Sheets file.  The first sheet in the group was an Index Page with links to all the subsequent tabs; however, the links on that page didn't work the way they were supposed to.  I tried incorporating the file into the website via the shared-file link, via the published-page link and via the embed-the-published-page link. It made no difference.

I kept the, index page anyway because it did, at least, make a nice list of all the tabs.

By the end of 2022, another of my Google Sheets, the collection of daily warmups, had grown to the point that it desperately needed an index, even an imperfect one.  Much to my surprise, that new page worked when testing it via the shared-file link!  Would my poems Index now work if I used the "shared" type of link rather than the current "published" one?  Yes!

So without any, new, menu options or code, I now have working indexes.  Will they work with all browsers?  Good question.  And will they continue to work as additional updates occur for both browsers and Google Sheets?  Who knows! 

But for today, anyway, it's a bit of serendipity.

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