Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Christmas Before Thanksgiving -- Part 2

At, under "Holidays" in the "Portfolio" tab, I have a second Christmas link.  I can't take credit for contributing anything to that lesson because it simply goes to another teacher's YouTube video.  Maybe I'll write up a transcript or a vocabulary list for it.  

"Let's Learn English Words and Phrases About Christmas" by Bob the Canadian is simply a delightful tour of holiday celebrations in a small, farming town in Canada.  It includes a trip to a Christmas tree farm, decorations in the local shops, a local Christmas Market and a Christmas parade down Main Street at night.

Sadly, many Americans of the current generation have never seen a small-town parade, only the big-city spectacles as shown on TV.  Impressive floats glide down the streets of New York, Chicago, LA and more, lighting up the night as if it were day.  However you feel a different kind of magic when you see neighbors'  tractors, excavators, harvesters and boats strewn with lights and transformed into fabulous, gleaming monsters and mythical barks passing by, accompanied by the enthusiastic music of local school marching bands.  And of course civic organizations compete to create the best entertainments and most spectacular moving displays.

The flashing lights of the glossy police cars, ambulances and fire trucks are enhanced by the twinkle and glitter of raindrops, while the nighttime sprinkle does not dampen the enthusiasm of the bundled-up, intrepid Canadians jubilantly celebrating the midwinter season.

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