Thursday, July 28, 2022

Free English Classes is a language school in Argentina offering two, free English classes per an online announcement.  Although the website is in Spanish, if you do not read that language, the Google Transalate app can help you navigate.  

Go to for the TalkTime class schedule and to sign up.  GlosaIdiomas says, "The moderator proposes topics to discuss at each meeting and after a quick vote, a ping pong of questions and answers begins regarding the chosen topic."

The other free class is at where the teacher and students read "The Narnia Chronicles" together.  Per GlosaIdiomas, "This course, given remotely through the internet in our Virtual Campus, begins immediately as soon as you register for it." and "We use the chat as a space to discuss what is happening in the book, and to ask about unknown vocabulary."  The classes are totally online, with the teacher dictating them through the school's online platform.

Is the converstion verbal (via your microphone) or written (via chat) or both? Or recorded in the case of the Narnia reading?

I don't know, yet.  I signed myself up for the Talk-Time.  Or, rather, I signed up so as to avoid spam.  We'll see what happens.


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