Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Free English Practice for Spanish Speakers

If you are not a native Spanish speaker but know at least elementary Spanish, you can use this website and gain practice in that language, also!.  Take a look at La Mansion Del Ingles (

Although the site has a wealth of courses you can buy, it offers some free materials, also.  Look for the link that says, "CURSOS DE INGLÉS GRATIS".

As of today, there are 4 levels offered:

1. Curso de iniciación al inglés Gratis  

2. Curso de Inglés Básico Gratis

3. Curso de Inglés nivel Intermedio Gratis 

4. Curso de Inglés Avanzado Gratis

In addition, for those specializing in Business English there is a "Curso de Inglés de Negocios Gratis".

If you are not sure of your level, look for the link to a test.  It is called "la prueba de nivel".

Many, many thanks to my student, Yolanda, who told me about this site.  She downloads files onto her phone so that she can listen to English narratives while walking her dog.

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