Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Seeking Successful SEO

No luck to report on the job front yet.  However I've made progress in a couple of other areas.  

I completed the first cycle of "All Around My Mouth Poems" with one for White Tie and one for Brown Cow.  

Having finished the index for the poems, their Google Sheets file was complete.  So I turned my attention to SEO.  After requesting a re-index at Google, they've scanned at least the main headings on my pages..  Google criticizes this blog page as "not mobile-friendly", though it has no problem with my other pages.  How dare they! I'm using Blogger, Google's own software!

However, Google has still not covered any of the Google Sheets I've created and linked to, including the poems.  I've performed the necessary "Publish To Web" for each sheet, even though that changes the format slightly in a way I don't like.  

Let's see if adding the link to the poems on this blog page makes a difference.  I've made sure a "nofollow" command did NOT get added.

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