Friday, September 24, 2021

Fridays at Five Teacher's Meeting Online

Today I went to the Color Vowel® online teacher's meeting which is held the 2nd & 4th Friday of each month at 4PM EST (3PM Denver time).  

The group shared lots of good ideas.  When we split into 3 breakout rooms, I saw that the Zoom software handles breakouts (and returns) very smoothly.  Of course I was just a guest, not the host, so did not see exactly how it was done.

Big news! is organizing a common space online where teachers can upload their graphics, worksheets and other classroom materials to be viewed, commented on, downloaded and shared.  The space will be hosted on where already has an account, offering their courses.  This common space should work better than just posting announcements and links in the Facebook Color Vowel Community.  

It's not clear whether or not a Google Doc or a Google Sheet can be uploaded to this space.  I don't see how an HTML page could possibly work.  I may just have to save all my entries as PDFs.  Since the Blue Canoe browser app works with Google Sheets I'm hoping to maintain them in that form.

Although there are many good color vowel YouTube videos aimed at teachers, there are almost no related classroom resources posted on the various teachers' exchanges.  Hopefully this new space will fill that gap.

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