Friday, June 18, 2021

Lots of Free Online Meetups for Practicing English!

I've known about for a number of years and have used it in the past to find computer groups. However I only recently realized that it's a wonderful place for ESL learners to find free groups with whom to practice English! 

 Search on "English Conversation" or "ESL" or similar to find "Events Near You". These days, since almost all meetings are online, "nearby" is meaningless. Although one can search by day, distance, subject category, and type (online vs in-person), I just searched on the word "English". 

 As of this moment, I see that the Denver Public Library's "Online English Conversation Group (Beginners)", being held tomorrow at 12:00 PM MDT, has 6 attendees signed up so far. Per the Details, this is "Free, no registration required." (Meetings with limited attendance list how many slots are left open.)

Tomorrow there's a "*FREE* Online International Meetup in English" whose organizer appears to be in LA but whose attendees appear to be from all over the world. Forty-one people have signed up! The event runs all afternoon, though, with sub-groups getting together for 45 minute sessions. I'd like to see how the host handles that in Zoom.

There are specialized groups speaking in Japanese and English, Spanish and English, and so on. You should be able to find something which is right for you. But if not, start your own group!  That is easy to do, also.

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